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Hydraulic Control Valve Series
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Hydraulic automatic control valve
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Cut off valve anti-fouling
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YQ98001 filter piston valve
Piston to absorb water hammer device
100A-angle water valve
Piston-type hydraulic control valve series
Explosion Wave Valve
Limiting valve
 Company Profile

Yongjia County Baike Valve Co., Ltd. is a professional research, development and marketing of high-tech enterprises valve water systems, multi-function hydraulic control of its leading products are widely used in high-rise buildings water supply and drainage, fire and other industries, and to enjoy the excellent quality reputation.

Our company spirit of "people-oriented" purposes, focused on a group of highly experienced senior professional and technical personnel and a large number of professional and technical training through the excellent skilled workers, with CNC machine tools, valve performance testing equipment, excellent machining and equipment . CAD valve design center is located, quality control and testing center, after-sales service and technical advice centers, with a strong design, development and production capacity.

Wikipedia has always been to rely on scientific and technological innovation, and strive to develop new products, the latest to introduce a new generation of multi-function hydraulic control valve, similar products at home and abroad are leading. "With advanced technology and management to quality assurance in order to repay the customers a good reputation in love" This is the business purpose of Wikipedia, in the new century, Wikipedia is willing to join hands with the community to create a brilliant insight.

"To ensure that your return on investment" is the company's operating objectives.

Kim Hyun-ping, general manager and all staff to pay tribute to our customers, inviting talents to come to our company to negotiate business, exchange, development of plans!

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